Odoo 15 Book Community Edition

Odoo 15 Book Community Edition

The new version of the Odoo platform, the Odoo 15, one of the advanced Odoo ever has been released recently, provides complete tools of business management and a dedicated platform for all the aspects to be controlled. Moreover, the Odoo 15 Community edition is way more advanced than the previous version, with many added features for the effective management of an entire business. Learning about the Functional aspects of the Odoo Community is tricker as there are not many available resources. This is where the new Odoo 15 community book by Cybrosys Technologies comes into the picture.

Being an official Odoo Gold partner, Cybrosys has always valued Odoo resources and believes it's their responsibility to educate Odoo users. Functional books on Odoo have been released whenever a new Odoo version has been released for the Enterprise and Community Edition. These books go deep into describing the functional aspects of the software with examples and clear illustrations. Along with the functional and technical blogs which are available, Cybrosys Technologies tops the game in bringing Odoo resources to impart knowledge and understanding about the platform for its readers.

The new Odoo 15 Community book is crafted to suit the functional understanding of Odoo for beginners and those who are well-versed on the platform. The emails brought into the Odoo 15 platform as functional settings and tools described in Odoo 15 Community book will act as the complete reference material for the Odoo users. The structure of the Odoo platform, along with the distinctive insight on the different modules described in separate chapters, makes the Odoo 15 Community book one of a kind of resources to learn and understand about it.

Staring with Odoo Community CRM, the book explains the fundamental functional aspects of the Customer Relationship Operations, which can be done with the CRM module of the Odoo Community edition. Moving onto the Odoo 15 Community Sales module, every aspect of the Sales operations rin through Odoo is described well. Further, the Odoo 15 community Purchase module is well described with clear cust insight on the best practices to be followed for effective product procurement. The Odoo 15 Community Inventory is the module that follows where each operations settings and the advanced methodologies to make the best use of the module are described with illustrative insight.

In addition, the aspects of retail shop operations and Restaurant/Bar management with the Odoo 15 Community Point of Sale are effectively described with an example in the Odoo 15 Community book. The Accounting and Finance management aspects of the Odoo 15 Community Invoicing module are well illustrated and defined with the help of clear finance management insight. Additionally, the Odoo 15 Mnuafcturing module and the Odoo 15 Website management module are well defined to ensure that the readers are provided with a clear functional insight on it.

Furthermore, with the destined chapter where the remain Odoo 15 Community modules such as Maintenance, Repair, Recruitment, Fleet, Contact, eLearning, Notes, Calendar, Employees, Events, Survey, Live Chat, Attendance, Time off, Expense, Lunch, Project, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing module, and the Discuss are also well defined in the Odoo 15 Community Book.

What makes the Odoo 15 Community book stand out among the Odoo resources is that every element of the platform is described with better examples making the understandability and reliability of the book even better. In addition, the various tricks and the best practices which can be followed while functioning with the Odoo 15 Community are described in the book.

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