Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 1 | Odoo

Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 1 | Odoo

Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 1 :

Odoo, the complete and dedicated tool for the business to effectively manage all aspects of its operations from the same platform, is the best tool available in the market today. A newer version of the Odoo platform is released every year, followed from 2014 when the Odoo 8 was released, bringing more advanced features to better business management operations. The latest version of the Odoo platform, the Odoo 15, was released during the Odoo experience event of 2021. The Odoo platform is embedded with advancement and a high level of performance, making the Odoo platform on top of the market, offering reliable and effective business management on its complete operation all from the same platform.

The Odoo 15 Enterprise book by Cybrosys Technologies is a complete operational guide to run the business with the Odoo 15 Enterprise edition. The Odoo 15 Enterprise book comes in three volumes where each of which will explain the dedicated modules of operations in Odoo. Moreover, acting as the reference materials, the fundamental aspects of the functioning of the Odoo 15 are explained and defined in each of the volumes of the Odoo 15 Enterprise book, which will serve as reference guides for the users of the platform. Crafted suitability to meet the requirements of a beginner to the Odoo platform and for an expert in Odoo, the books will provide a complete insight on the Odoo 15s best features to function and make the best utilization of it. Additionally, the Odoo 15 Enterprise book volumes cover every aspect of functioning. The enterprise edition of Odoo 15 is explained with the help of illustrative examples and real-world scenarios in the business operation.

As the Odoo platform has a modular infrastructure, there are dedicated modules of functioning that will add to the effectiveness of business operations. With all the dedicated modules interconnected for autonomous operation, the business will have complete control and reliability in the functional management of the company with Odoo. The Odoo 15 Enterprise book volumes explain each of the modules in detail. It defines the interconnections of menus and modules, providing an understanding of the advanced functionalities of business management with Odoo. In the Odoo 15 Enterprise book, Volume 1, the main functional modules of the Odoo platform such as Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Point Of Sale, Manufacturing, Quality, PLM, Repair, and Minataince modules will be defined in detail.

Each functional menu of the modules mentioned above is illustrated with real scenario examples that will provide the understanding of functioning the Odoo platform with the most efficiency. Furthermore, the definition of the best practices which can be performed in the Odoo Enterprise edition is being defined in between, which will ensure that the users will have a hassle-free operation while running their business in Odoo. As the resources on Odoo are available in limited numbers, the Odoo 15 Enterprise book volumes will be an exceptional resource for reference, underusing the Odoo platform and as a study material.

Cybrosys Technologies have been the prominent Odoo service providing partner for the last 14 years, serving clients worldwide from various sectors of business and scales of organizations. Today Cybrosys Tops is the primary resource creator on Odoo with an extensive collection of Odoo blogs, articles, videos, and slides. The Odoo books from Cybrosys Technologies are available for all the latest versions of the platform defined on the functional side of operations for the betterment of Odoo users. Cybrosys brings in books on the Community edition also which describe the functional aspects of the Odoo community edition.

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