Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 2 | Odoo

Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 2 | Odoo

Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 2 :

Today, multiple business management tools are available in the market, offering dedicated and impeccable aspects of managing a company’s operations. Odoo, the complete business management ERP, tops the mark in providing trustworthy and reliable business management all from a single platform. Available in two editions, the Odoo Enterprise edition and Odoo Community Edition, the business can choose and configure the platform based on their operations needs due to its customization capability, bringing in more effectiveness in the business management. The Odoo Enterprise Edition has advanced capabilities among both editions and can be used by businesses of more extensive and medium-sized establishments.

The resource materials on undertaking and for reference of the Odoo platform are low in number, and a significant portion of them are unreliable. This is where the benefit of the Odoo Enterprise 15 book by Cybrosys Technologies comes into the picture. Available in 3 volumes, the Odoo 15 Enterprise Book is defined on the platform’s full functionality. The newest version of the Odoo, the Odoo 15, the most advanced and reliable Odoo ever, was released during the last Odoo experience meet of 2021. Moreover, the Odoo 15 Enterprise book defines the module-specific operations of the Odoo platform described on its functional aspects for the betterment of the functions of Odoo by the users of the platform.

The Odoo 15 Enterprise book volume 2 focuses on providing insight on the HR-specific modules of the Odoo platform with the help of illustrative examples. The modules such as Employee, Recruitment, Time Off, Attendance, Payroll, Appraisal, Referral, Expense, Fleet, Lunch, Project, planning, and the Timesheet modules are defined with real-life scenario examples of business operation. Moreover, it can be said that the Odoo 15 Enterprise book Volume 2 focuses on the employee management modules of functions available in the Odoo Enterprise Edition, which will be best suitable for the HR department of an organization.

In addition, each of the configurational aspects of the distinctive module defined in the book is well-explained in the content, along with the interconnects between each of the HR modules and the other modules in Odoo. As the operations of employees and staff are spread over each aspect of functioning in business management with Odoo, an insight into its capability will be beneficial for the users.

Cybrosys Technologies brought in the Odoo 15 Enterprise book, one of the prominent Gold partners of the Odoo platform, and has been in service for more than 14 years with a vast clientele spread worldwide. In addition, Cybosys offers services to businesses irrespective of the sector, scale, and region of operation. In Odoo development, Odoo customization, Odoo Migration, Odoo Localization, Odoo implementation, Odoo Training, Odoo Support & Maintenance and all Odoo related activities, Cybrosys is a superior service providing partners Odoo with abundant experience and expertise.

Cybrosys values Odoo resources and provides multiple resources on the platform in blogs, articles, videos, and slides. A collection of Odoo books on the latest version of Odoo and the main functionalities of the platform, such as Accounting and Website building, takes Cybrosys to the top of the chart on Odoo resources provided. The Blogs brought in by Cybrosys are on both the functional aspects of the platform and the technical aspects, which will ensure that the developers functioning with Odoo are provided with the proper insight to craft an explicit Odoo platform based on the functional needs of the business. Additionally, the users will be provided with a complete understanding of the best Odoo practices for the efficiency of the business operations with the Odoo platform.

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