Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 3 | Odoo

Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 3 | Odoo

Odoo 15 Enterprise Book - Volume 3

The Odoo platform has been labeled as the prominent business management tool capable of running the business management operations all from the same platform of operations. Moreover, it's the all-in-one business management tool where business management is conducted with the help of the dedicated modules of operation available due to the modular structure of the platform. In addition, the centralized inventory management and one single database of the platform’s functions will ensure that businesses can run B2C and B2B on the same platform. The Odoo platform is available in two editions: the Odoo community and the Odoo Enterprise Edition, which has greater tools of business management based on business operations.

Odoo has been releasing both Enterprise and Community Editions of the platform from the 9th version, which was released in 2015. Today, we are at the Odoo 15 version, which is considered the most advanced and reliable Odoo ever with high-performance capabilities. The Odoo 15 Enterprise book is one-of-a-kind resource material on Odoo enterprise edition by Cybrosys Technologies describing the functional aspects of operations of the platform useful for a reader who is a beginner in Odoo or an expert in it.

Available in three volumes, each Odoo 15 Enterprise book value covers distinctive modes of operation based on its functionality. Volume 3 of Odoo 15 Enterprise book deals with all the supporting modules of the platform, which are well defined with the help of illustrative examples. The modules described in the Odoo 15 Enterprise book are Website & eCommerce, Event, Subscription, Rental, Calendar, Data Cleaning, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Social Marketing, Document, Discuss, Note, Dashboard, Studio, eLearning, Helpdesk, Survey, Sign, and Marketing Automation. Furthermore, the interconnection between these modules is clearly explained where the Odoo module operates autonomously for the betterment of the business with continuous data exchange providing real-time data from all ends.

Each of these modules is explained in distinctive chapters with the help of illustrative insights on the specific operations, which have been explained with real-life scenarios on the business operations. This will provide the proper insight into the functional processes of the business management with these distinctive modules. The ideology of bringing the Odoo book by Cybrosys is to educate the Odoo users on the best practices of the Odoo platform and to provide knowledge on the Odoo operations to the business.

The Odoo 15 Enterprise book Volume 3 is the final of the three volumes of the Enterprise book, which is available where the supporting modules for the main modules described in Volume 1 are defined. In the previous volume of the Odoo 15 Enterprise book, Volume 2, the HR modules of operation of the Odoo enterprise edition are being defined. As a collective set, the Odoo 15 Enterprise book volumes cover the fundamental aspects of the functions of the Odoo 15 platform where each functional menu and option are defined for imparting Knowledge on the best operational practices to the users of the platform.

Cybrosys Technologies has always valued the need for Odoo resources as there is not much available from reliable sources. Therefore, Cybrosys has been bringing in multiple Odoo resources in the form of blogs, articles, videos, and slides for both the technical and functional aspects of the Odoo platform. Moreover, Cybrosys Technologies is labeled as the best resource provided amount the Odoo community members due to the vast collection of blogs and videos.

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